Developer API

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Build and plug your applications into our Healthcare platform. Publish directly to thousands of Medical Providers.

Developer Program

Integrate your application into Mrecord's EHR and STT platforms:
1. Develop
Develop your application with the Web Services API

2. Test
Test and debug your application using our debugging and troubleshooting tool

3. Publish
Publish on the Solutions Marketplace and reach thousand of Medical Practices

Join the Developer Partner Program
•  Join partners to deliver high-end innovative products effortlessly
    and immediately.
•  Easy to use API's – connect your applications directly to EHR and
    STT Platform.
•  Leverage our STT and EHR platform to drive customers to your
•  Create listings for your solution(s) on the Solutions Marketplace.

Who can join?
Companies with concentrations in: Practice Management, Billing Software, Electronic Health Record, Speech-to-Text Platforms, Automated IVR systems and many more.

How it works
You can integrate with third-party applications using the Web Services API. This technology enables software developers to build computer programs that access data and functionality.

With the Web Services API, you can:
•  Integrate with an Billing, Scheduling or Health Information
•  Interface with Mobile application service providers.
•  Interface with appointment reminder systems.
•  Extract data for use with third-party reporting systems.
•  Create your own programs to import data.
•  And much more...

To integrate with a third-party application, provide the guide below to your IT consultant or a software company that markets a product to which you would like to integrate.